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Inner Pictures

Is that a bit like...?

It's (almost) no different for me - someone tells me something: a situation, a story I've experienced, a feeling - and images pop up in my head. My brain finds a large number of visual comparisons that could work here - be it old legends, current news from politics / royal houses / etc., machines, historical facts... I can't even really name everything because I don't control it .

Sometimes it comes from the imagery of my counterpart. For example, if the person is a passionate canoeist, my brain is more likely to deliver images from this genre.


1 - same context

Since I didn't experience the story I was told, I'm at a bit of an informational disadvantage - I can't possibly know all the facts.

So when we talk about a comparison picture, we're both in the same picture and talking in a common context.

2 - same language

When we both know something about a subject (my brain is usually kind enough to offer me pictures that I can understand terminology well enough for), we both feel confident and competent. If you did not feel fully capable of acting and therefore competent in the original situation - you are an expert here and we can use your previous knowledge to find solutions.

3 - further information

Let's stay with the canoeist. We may have stayed in the picture of water currents because it fitted in well with the original situation with its dynamics.

The image offers additional things and ideas that can then be translated into the original image: e.g.

  • Protective clothing - what do you bring or what do you need that offers you protection in this situation

  • Eddy - to rest

  • upper reaches or near the river delta. - Are we at the beginning with possibly less pressure, but many hurdles or already in full swing, etc?

  • Alone or in groups

  • Water as an element - flows unstoppably, can flood, brings life, etc.

  • Attended a rescue course? - Do you have sufficient professional training?

  • Professional or amateur...

Side Effects

Not every image fits every context. If you are someone who needs the image to fit exactly, perhaps because you are really familiar with the image context found, it will be much more difficult - but it is not impossible.

Maybe another picture will help. Maybe also one in which neither you nor I are experts, but are allowed to form our own opinion. For example, we could enter a kingdom together and try to rule, fly into space or cross a sea as Vikings. Since we should both be sufficiently ignorant knowing.

Maybe my ignorance will help. Because then I can ask naive questions without questioning you and your actions. Then it's about understanding and we get helpful information for the picture and the situation.

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