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How I came to the subject of status - my key

There were a few years in the theater studies course at the LMU Munich long the study focus “play and theater pedagogy”, for which each Semester 12 students of theater studies and pedagogy apply could. I was incredibly lucky to be among the last twelve to do it were allowed to study - after that it was abolished.

In addition to game theory, voice training, physical training and numerous accompanying scientific courses on the subject were held every Friday afternoon practical course of improvisation.


We learned how to use space and not just an imaginary cup "drops" it, but places it somewhere, like a real object. That means we learned to look, feel and be precise.

We learned the principles of improvisation - listen, watch, be ready and make your partner look good and we got to know the topic of status.

In every film that's really good, the individual actors know - even they small supporting roles - who they are, how they relate to whom and how they relate feel on that one. So you get to know your “inner status” in order to follow it to be able to show outside. If they feel the inner status sufficiently can, the presentation gets depth.

For several weeks, our study group had status on the subject. In all

possible facets - language, physical behavior, use of space, of interaction with others.

I was hooked and could only see the world through "status" eyes see. Everything was a little power struggle. I tested my status behavior wherever whenever i could. Sometimes it was the slightly more dominant appearance that made me got the last seat on the subway (high external status), sometimes the smile (lower external status). Depending on the situation and mood (inner status) the games were successful and in the end they were "only" games or game offers on my part.

My ex boyfriend's phone call was life changing. We've had over the years contact again and again and there were good reasons for the "ex". And just as many good ones reasons for the "friend". I never really got the end of our relationship understood - something had changed between us and I couldn't classify what it had been.

The call opened my eyes - or I took it with new glasses opposite. At least I became aware that my counterpart in the language of outer high status spoke to me, which gave me a status inferior to him.

I'm pretty sure it was unconscious. And so far I've had it too always reacts unconsciously - with resistance, which is the situation as a rule worsened and turned into a power struggle.

This time I reacted consciously. And applied my new knowledge, my new action repertoire. And suddenly I could control the situation, at least control it better than I had ever been able to control it. I suddenly played chess. And every move brought with it one that I had judged to be so. I was prepared internally and was able to react confidently. We had a redesigned dynamic.

Understanding the mechanisms and recognizing the status indicators enabled me to change what had previously been a random dynamic.

What I had previously treated as play and theater became part of my active repertoire.


The ex-boyfriend has meanwhile become a great-boyfriend... because my perceived superiority on the status floor did not last long and has always had new and interesting topics in store to this day. This person is an everlasting field of learning for me and I am grateful for that. Gratitude prevails.

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